Political Prisoner's Wife

She is a very strong woman who inspires us all.

His Holiness Returning Home

This day was unforgettable for all Tibetans. We were waiting for a humble monk who was returning home after receiving the highest civilian honor from the most powerful country in the world.

Street Art

This is Tibetan art representing success. When His Holiness returned from the United States, after receiving the gold medal, we painted the streets of Dharamsala with auspicious symbols.

My Neighbor

My Neighbor in Western Dress


If you were his mother you would be very concerned about his ripped jeans. You would probably want to buy him a new pair. However, according to his point of view it is a part of his lifestyle.

Cultural Festival

We wish that someday the Barkhor in Lhasa will look like this. When it does we can look at this photo and remember our struggle for Tibetan freedom.

Exhausted Mountains

They look like waves on the ocean which is also the subject of my poetry.

Fate of Refugees

We lost our country but our happiness will never be extinguished.

Flying Monk